Fact Sheet – Mat Dickson

Artist Name : Mat Dickson

Musical style : Ambient progressive rock music with an undercurrent of Celtic influences.

Hometown : Lymington, UK

Latest Release : Land’s End

Instruments : Acoustic & Electric guitars, Keyboards

Record Label : Beachcomber Music

Points of note : Mat Dickson has three instrumental albums to his credit, “The Lighthouse Keeper”, “The Keeper’s Log” and “Land’s End”.

Inspired by lighthouses and the sea, and in tribute to the lighthouse keepers, Mat Dickson’s instrumental music and its lighthouse theme are being developed into a collection of albums featuring different lighthouses.

“The Lighthouse Keeper” is based on Mat Dickson’s local lighthouse, The Needles, situated at the western tip of the Isle of Wight, southern England. 

“The Keeper’s Log” is inspired by Skerryvore lighthouse which is located off the Isles of Tiree and Mull on the West coast of Scotland. “Land’s End” features paintings of the Longships lighthouse off the tip of Cornwall.

Mat is a member of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers.

Web site: http://www.beachcombermusic.com

Email: info@beachcombermusic.com